What is the value of Bing Image Creator, currently in beta testing?

Microsoft has been introducing a new artificial intelligence, an image generator, with Bing Image Creator since Tuesday. It is currently available in beta via custom page, the tool will eventually be implemented directly in Bing and Edge browsers. Futura tested it.

On the heels of Midjourney V5, here comes the arrival of a new Creative Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Bing Image Creator. As its name suggests, this novelty is associated with the Bing search engine MicrosoftMicrosoft. The latter had already embarked on a beta, OpenAI’s AI at the beginning of February. Since the company developed Redmond DealDeal financially by investing heavily in the company that created ChatGPT. In contrast, after some modifications, AI is now one with Bing and navigatornavigator edge. With the appeal of this conversational AI, Microsoft’s search engine is gaining popularity, which also benefits the growing edge.

Now, with Bing Image Creator, Microsoft is adding an extra chord to its search engine and browser. Under the hood of this tool that Futura was able to test, we actually found Dall-E algorithms. this Electrical generatorElectrical generator On the other hand, the picture will be a little more powerful according to Microsoft. The principle remains the same, you must enter a description of the image you want to create and choose a file stylestyle Technical. The tool then displays four creative suggestions.

To use Bing Image Creator, you must first sign in to your Microsoft account and use the Edge browser. It is also necessary to sign up for the Bing Preview beta program. After going to the tool page by clicking herewe are faced with a dark page that displays a selection of user creations.

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Restricted Image Generator

The text is entered at the top of the screen. At the moment, the tool only understands English. Microsoft says that more languages ​​will be added soon. Once a request is submitted, the AI ​​activates and displays its creations. We can see that the generation step is much longer than Dall-E. However, the user has ten applications with optimal image generation power.

As for the result of the creations, it remains on the same line as the Dall-E, with the same flaws. This is particularly the case when it comes to showing hands. It should also be noted that due to the problems it already had with its chatbot, Microsoft has openly restricted its image generator. The slightest term that can cause a problem prevents creation. It’s unbelievable to imagine being able to create an image that includes a character in a wacky setting.

Note that on creations, Bing includes a watermark in the bottom left of the image. In the future and after this initial testing period, Microsoft plans to fully integrate the Bing Images Creator into Edge by adding an icon in the sidebar to the right of WindowWindow from the browser. Finally, if Bing Image Creator is currently separated from the Bing chatbot, Microsoft intends to make sure that it can use the search engine’s artificial intelligence to start creating a creation directly.

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