What does science say about the right to an abortion?

Roe v. Wade’s landmark decision has just been overturned. Therefore, each state can decide whether it considers abortion legal or illegal. In fact, several countries have already made their decisions. A third of Americans still want an abortion. Since the departure of Donald Trump, six justices have been in office. And they all decided to vote against Roe. However, it should be noted that this decision contradicts not only the public, but also the recommendations of science.

Abortion myths

The studies he did Dr. Vincent Rogue She points out that abortion is harmful to women. The risk mainly relates to PAS or post-abortion syndrome. However, other researchers have conducted their own analyzes. In Denmark, for example, mental health studies were conducted on 365,550 women. Of these, 84,620 women had abortions. The results of the studies showed that none of them had any psychological or physical problems.

As further studies showed the same result, the researchers claimed that ” Policies based on the idea that abortion harms women’s mental health can be misleading However, negative effects on women appear when they refuse abortion. These may subsequently face social, economic and health problems.

Abortion rights
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Opinions about abortion

According to other studies, miscarriage 14 times safer than childbirth and 4 times safer than colonoscopy. Moreover, even if a woman cannot legally have an abortion, she will always look for other ways to make it possible. In other words, the miscarriage rate may never go down. It will be higher in areas where abortion is prohibited. According to opinion polls, 85% of Americans think abortion should be legal. This is because, according to them, women should have the right to make their own decisions.

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However, the federal abortion law may not be enforced any time soon. Furthermore, 26 US states are likely to ban abortion as much as possible. Women who abort may be subject to penalties. Despite this, this decision will not prevent women from traveling to other countries where abortion is legal.

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