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Hailed as a model teammate at PSG, Portuguese midfielder Danilo Pereira told AFP that this comes from his “education”, but if he remains “discreet” in his life, he “talks a lot on the pitch”.

Hailed as a model team-mate at PSG, Portuguese midfielder Danilo Pereira told AFP that this comes from his “education”, but if he remains “discreet” in his life, he “talks a lot on the pitch”.

Q: Your coach and teammates describe you as an exemplary team player…

A: “When I’m on the bench, of course I’m not happy, but that’s how it is, we’re 25 players, everyone wants to play. But I’m willing to come in and give my best to help the team, that’s my mentality. And it helped me a lot, after that it became easier to play.” When I arrived at Parma at 18, I couldn’t say anything when I was on the bench, but I’ve always been like this, I’m a player who’s worked a lot to be successful.I think I haven’t changed much since I was 18, only now I’m more expertise “.

Q: Was it from your upbringing?

A: “It’s the education I had, the relationship I had with my mother, especially in terms of emotions. I think my education helped me get here. When you live alone with your mother and you work a lot, you have to do things kids don’t, you have to be less emotional and more more mature and rational.

Danilo Pereira, midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League against Bayern Munich at the Parc des Princes on February 14, 2023 in Paris.


Q: Your coaches praise your finesse, are you also comfortable in central defence?

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A: “My position has always been a defensive midfielder, but as I have said many times before, there are times when the coaches had no choice and put me in the centre-back position. I had already played in that position before I arrived in Paris. The position I know very well or adapt to Well with him.I’ve done it in Roda, in Maritimo, in Porto, here…

Q: How do you adjust your playing style when you become a central defender?

A: “Sometimes it’s not easy. When you know you’re going to play centre-back, you have time to prepare, but sometimes I start the game as a defensive midfielder and then I have to drop back. There you have to change the mentality. And also the way you play The movements are not the same, it’s a bit difficult but I’m adapting to it.”

Q: How did you go into Sunday’s game in Marseille without warming up after Kimpembe’s injury?

A: “I’ve been affected by his injury because Presnell is a friend whom I love very much, he’s helped me a lot since I got here, I’m sorry for him. It’s hard to come like that without warming up, but I’m ready for any eventuality, and there I was ready even without warming up, I was already hot.” Because it’s a classic (laughs)!”

Q: Do you think the team is back in the classics?

A: “I’m happy, Marseille eliminated us in the cup (2-1, editor’s note), it was a blow for us, going there to win El Clásico 3-0 was important, because we won big matches to come. Now we have eight points at the top of the championship” .

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Q: The click is a night match?

Danilo Pereira of Paris Saint-Germain protects his ball in front of Arnaud Kalimuendo of Rennes in Ligue 1 at Roazon Park on January 15, 2023 in Rennes

Danilo Pereira of Paris Saint-Germain protects his ball against Arnaud Kalimuendo of Rennes in Ligue 1 at Roazon Park on January 15, 2023 in Rennes

Jean-François Mounir – AFP / Archives

A: “Yes, because I had a friend who told me that the fans left the stadium before the end of the match, and Messi’s goal (4-3 in the last second, editor’s note). I sent a message, the game is never over until the referee blows the final whistle. This gave us confidence and confidence Between us and the fans too. Many have been with us, after Marseille. It was great when we arrived at the airport, the strength that their welcome gave us. We knew we couldn’t stay like this, at this level. We knew everything could change in match.

Q: We see that you talk a lot with your teammates in matches…

A: “Yes (laughs), I talk a lot on the field, but in my life I don’t talk much, I try to be as careful as possible. But on the court I change my behavior because I like to win well, and if I can help someone and give my opinion on something, I will give That, no matter who I talk to.”

Interviews were conducted by Alice Lefebvre and Emmanuelle Barangit

AFP / Saint-Germain-en-Laye (AFP) / © 2023 AFP

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