Western weapons used on Russian soil: Putin warns of “serious consequences”

Western weapons used on Russian soil: Putin warns of “serious consequences”

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Tuesday against using Western weapons to target Russian territory, citing the risks of “serious consequences,” as controversy resurfaced in the chancelleries allied with Ukraine.

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“In Europe, especially in small countries, they have to think about what they are playing with. “They have to remember that they are often countries with a small area and a very high population density,” Putin warned during a press conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

He continued: “This factor is a serious matter that they must take into consideration before talking about striking deep into Russian territory.” “This permanent escalation could have serious consequences.”

Ukraine demands the ability to use weapons provided by the West against military targets on Russian territory, but this issue raises a deep division among Kiev supporters.

Among the most hesitant countries, Italy and Germany loom at the risk of escalation, with an underlying fear of Vladimir Putin using nuclear weapons, while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that current restrictions “tied hands behind the back.” Ukrainians,” against the backdrop of Russian advances in eastern Ukraine.

According to Vladimir Putin, this would be an escalation, because even if the Ukrainian army will carry out the strikes, they will be prepared by Westerners who supply them with weapons.

“The mission is not being prepared by the Ukrainian army, but by representatives of NATO countries,” he added, accusing the West of wanting a “global conflict.”

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Another red line that is the subject of intense discussions among Kiev's allies: the official sending military trainers to Ukrainian territory to assist the Ukrainian army, which is having difficulty countering the slow but steady push of Russian forces.

Kiev announced on Monday that French trainers would head to Ukraine “soon” to train Ukrainian forces, before backing down and indicating that they were still “holding discussions with France and other countries on this issue.”

In contact with Agence France-Presse, the French Ministry of Defense limited itself to referring to a “project” under implementation, without confirming the sending of French trainers to Ukraine.

In response to a question about this topic on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin confirmed that these trainers “are there” in Ukraine “under the guise of mercenaries.”

“We know that very well. There is nothing new,” he told reporters.

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