Weight loss: Here’s how long you should walk every day to lose weight and get back in shape

walking is Great form of exercise which can promote weight loss. But you also have other Health benefits. However, compared to other forms of exercise, not many people find walking to be effective for weight loss. We explain here if you walk for an hour a day It can really help you lose weight.

Burning calories by walking

The simple nature of Walking makes it an attractive activity For many, especially those looking to burn extra calories. The number of calories burned while walking depends on several factors. Including weight and walking speed. for reference, walking speed The average corresponds to 4.8 km / h.

The faster you walk and the higher your personal weight, the more calories you will burn. Other factors that affect calorie burn include terrain and outdoor/indoor temperature. As well as age and gender. The number of calories burned while walking mainly depends on a person’s weight and body weight Speed steps. Walking faster burns more calories per hour.

Walking can help you lose weight

Walking for an hour a day can help burn calories Hence to lose weight. In one study, 11 average-weight women actually lost an average of 7.7 kg, or 10% of their starting weight. And that’s after 6 months of brisk daily walking.

Participants increased their walking time gradually over the six months. This is to maximize timehour a day. However, they lost quite a bit of weight before walking for at least 30 minutes a day. This result reveals the time spent Walking may be linked to weight loss. Another study found that obese women who walked 3 days a week for 50-70 minutes lost about 6 pounds in 12 weeks. This is compared to the women who did not participate in the march.

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Along with a good diet

Although walking itself can help with weight loss, it is even more effective when you add Low calorie diet. In a 12-week study, people with obesity reduced their calorie intake by 500 to 800 per day. One group walked three hours a week at 6 km/h. While the other group did not. While both groups lost a great deal of body weightIn the group that walked they lost about 1.8 kg more.

It should be noted that weight loss may also depend on whether I keep walking or in short sequences. In a 24-week study, overweight women restricted their caloric intake to 500-600 calories per day. Then they walked briskly for 50 minutes a day, or did two 25-minute sessions a day. Those who did the shorter sequencing per day lost 1.7 kg more. However, other studies show no significant difference between the two. So we must choose The routine that works best for everyone.

Lose weight by walking for an hour a day

To lose weight, you must constantly Eat fewer calories than you spend each day. You either need to increase the number of calories you consume Playing sportsLike walking. Or reduce the number of calories you consume. Or even better, both. According to this theory, it is sufficient for rReduce calories by 500 For 7 days to lose 0.50 kg per week.

Although this rule does not take into account people with lower body fat, lower calorie consumption after weight loss. A calorie deficit of 500 calories per day is beneficial for most people who want to lose weight. Part of this deficit can be achieved Walking for an hour a day. However, you can also Gradually reduce the number of calories that you consume. Depends on CaloriesA lack of 500 calories per day can lead to a weight loss of 0.2 to 0.9 kg per week.

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