Wednesday, the likely date of the Russian attack on “Day of Unity” in Ukraine

(Kiev) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared Monday Unity Day on Wednesday, media reported as a possible date for a Russian attack.

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We were told that February 16 would be the day of the attack. “We will make it a day of unity,” the head of state said in his address to the nation, calling on Ukrainians to hang the national flag and show its blue and yellow color on this day.

Zelensky also accused Russia of “waging war” against Ukraine “on all fronts” and “seeking to sow panic among Ukrainians and investors”.

The head of state stressed that “our state is stronger than ever” and “we are preparing for dignified responses to all possible attacks.”

While Russia continues to accuse Kiev of preparing an offensive against the pro-Russian separatists it supports in eastern Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky also emphasized that his country “craves peace and wants to resolve all issues only through the diplomatic channel”.

Russian attack ‘hanging in our faces’

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday evening that “all elements” are ready for a “strong” military attack by Russia against Ukraine.

Are there all the elements for a strong attack by Russian forces in Ukraine? Yes, that’s right, it’s possible there, it’s possible quickly,” he said on France 5 channel.

“This is what hangs over our faces,” he added very directly, stressing that at the moment there are no indications of an imminent Russian intervention.

Has President Putin made his decisions about an operation or not? In my opinion, there is no sign of that today. »

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Another chance for diplomacy

“There is hot and cold […] To say there is still a diplomatic solution, yes that is certain,” he added, as President Putin prepares to receive German Chancellor Olaf Schulz on Tuesday.

Russia on Monday considered it possible to reach a diplomatic settlement of the Russian-Western crisis over Ukraine and announced an end to some military exercises, when the fear of an imminent invasion reached its peak.

“There is an unbearable military situation with an escalation that is increasing,” but Jean-Yves Le Drian was shocked. “The emergency for all is de-escalation.”

According to him, “Vladimir Putin wants to prevent Ukraine from having its sovereignty and safety, and he wants a ‘bad country’ on its doorstep.”

“If, by chance, the sovereignty or somewhere in the sovereignty or unity of Ukraine were to be challenged by a major intervention on the part of Russia, then there would be dire consequences and enormous penalties,” he repeated, in unison with the Western allies.

Washington and London still believe in talks

There is “still a critical opportunity for diplomacy” in the current crisis over Ukraine, however, so believed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden, who spoke on Monday by phone.

“The Prime Minister and President Biden briefed each other on their recent discussions with fellow world leaders. A spokesman for Boris Johnson said after the call that they agreed that there was still a critical opportunity for diplomacy and for Russia to abandon its threats to Ukraine.

The leaders reiterated that the incursion into Ukraine “would lead to a protracted crisis for Russia, with serious damage to both Russia and the world.”

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They stressed the need for Westerners to remain “united in the face of Russian threats, including by imposing a wide range of sanctions in the event of an escalation of Russian aggression,” as well as “the need for European countries to reduce their dependence on Russian gas, a measure that goes further than any other measure.” to the heart of Russia’s strategic interests.

Earlier today, Boris Johnson considered a Russian invasion of Ukraine possible “within 48 hours” and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to move away from “the abyss”.

According to Downing Street, Johnson has decided to cut short a trip to northwest England to return to London, and plans to chair an inter-ministerial crisis meeting on Tuesday after being briefed by intelligence services.

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