Watch the two brightest planets in the sky approach each other at dusk

Over the past few days, the two brightest planets have presented us with the amazing spectacle of a celestial ballet. A dance that will lead Jupiter and Venus to an unmissable rapprochement, Wednesday 1any March 2023.

Wed 1any March 2023. The date is written on the astronomers’ almanac. This was predicted by the conjunction of two planets of our solar system, Venus and Jupiter. An event that is not really exceptional because the two planets have a habit of transiting and approaching each other. This happens about once a year. In 2015, they were approx “grazing”appearing at a visual distance of only about 22 minutes of arc.

This time, Jupiter and Venus will stay a little further apart, 0.5 degrees of arc. It is equivalent to the apparent diameter of the full moon. But the show should still be great. With, in the leading roles, the brightest planets in the sky. Currently, the magnitude of Jupiter is -2.2 and that of Venus is -4.4. This makes it very easy to monitor. Including in the city. Provided that we have a clear view of the western horizon.

Jupiter and Venus made an offer

Observers noticed that already a few days ago, Jupiter and Venus began their night ballet. They even invited the moon to the dance on February 22nd. To appreciate the choreography for yourself, all you have to do is turn your gaze to the west once the sun goes down.

The last recommendation, when admiring the spectacle offered by Jupiter, god of gods, and Venus, goddess of love. Do not forget that this is nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful illusion. Because in fact, the two planets remain in orbit around the sun very far from each other. without any risk of collision.

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