Watch the sky! The Lyrid meteor shower can be seen until April 26

No need to wait for summer to see a meteor. in this moment, The Lyrids, one of the most beautiful meteor showers of this yearlight up the sky. If the peak of the meteor observation occurred on the night of April 21 to 22, 2022, then this phenomenon can be observed until April 26, according to the scientific journal. Science and the future .

To catch a glimpse of it, go to the lowest bright spot around your house and watch the sky, starting at 9:30 p.m. Paris Match . If you have access to a star chart, look toward the constellation Hercules.

From the poetry of Comet Thatcher

Other than that, there are apps to monitor it more easily, such as SkyView Lite or Carte du Ciel. The moon in its descending phase should not interfere with observation.

The name of these stars comes from the fact that they come from the constellation Lyra. In fact, they come from a hair that separated from Comet Thatcher, discovered in 1861. The Earth passes through this mass of gas and dust every year at the same time. The comet will not be visible from Earth until… 2276.

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