Volvo showcases the interior of the EX90

Volvo showcases the interior of the EX90

  • EX90 will be the brand’s new flagship electric vehicle

  • This model will provide new technologies and materials for Volvo

  • Seven interior color combinations will be offered

Volvo is currently preparing to unveil its flagship SUV, the EX90, which is why the company has already released some of its details.

The latest sneak peek is the first to show real footage of the car, although it’s only close-ups of the interior materials.

The EX90 will be an important vehicle for Volvo due to its new safety and engine technologies, as well as its low environmental impact.

In order to provide a high level of comfort and luxury while being more environmentally friendly, Volvo has chosen sustainable materials to create the interior of its next large SUV.

The interior of the Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo

As such, the EX90 will have interior plastics that make up the highest percentage of recycled materials of any of the brand’s vehicles, as well as carpeting made from recycled plastic.

The seats will also be upholstered in two materials of your choice: wool or Nordeco. Volvo has offered wool-blend upholstery on most of its models several years ago and intends to expand the practice, which uses certified, sustainable and animal-free wool.

Nordeco is a new material, which debuted in the C40 Recharge, which was created by the automaker from recycled plastic bottles and biodegradable materials from the Scandinavian forests.

The two photos released by Volvo show a close-up of a seat covered in gray wool as well as part of the dashboard in front of the passenger covered in wood trim.

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The interior of the Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo

The wood used for this design element is also certified for durability and Volvo says LED backlighting will be used to create a warm glow in the cabin.

A short video from the automaker shows additional details, including some of the seven color combinations that will be available depending on the car’s exterior color.

The images also show a brief preview of the center screen, which will have a borderless and vertically oriented design.

Volvo will officially unveil the EX90 electric SUV on November 9.

The interior of the Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo
The interior of the Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo
The interior of the Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo

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