Void Crew is officially announced for 2023

Void Crew is officially announced for 2023

Focus on entertainment And Hutli Hut Games announce Void crewan exciting space adventure where you explore, fight and loot across the galaxy in collaboration with up to four teammates.

Watch the unveiling trailer to find out how teamwork is often the key to success…or failure.

No one in space will hear you scream…

…except your friends! Gather your team, pilot your spaceship, and embark on an epic adventure. Face terrible enemies, collect precious equipment and die again and again to reclaim lost lands from humanity.

In the Void Crew, humanity unites against a mysterious aggressor – the Hollow. As the Chosen Ones, your crew of 4 snipers has a duty to face the Void to restore order to the galaxy!

Climb aboard the most advanced starships ever and journey through the depths of space on exciting missions for which you and your crew have never been prepared! Asteroid storms, solar flares and your comrades’ mistakes will be the least of your worries as hostile aliens and desperate human marauders push your crew to their limits.

Teamwork is key: choose a role and distribute the most pressing tasks with your team…or try to do everything at once and watch the chaos spread on board!

Void crew scheduled for 2023 on computer.

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