Vitamin D deficiency can cause chronic inflammation

if it wasignition It protects the body in case of injury or infection, and can also contribute to a wide range of diseases when it persists and becomes chronic (diabetic type 2, heart disease, Crohn’s diseaselupus, etc.). A study was published in International Journal of Epidemiology A link is suggested between a low concentration of Vitamin D and high levels of inflammation.

The researchers used the data hereditary From 294,970 UK Biobank participants. Compare vitamin D concentrations with levels protein C-Reactive (CRP), a widely used biomarker of inflammation. A direct link was found between low vitamin D and high C-reactive protein, but only in the case of A Shortage In a vitamin in this sense – there is no evidence of an effect of inflammation on vitamin D levels.

So the study sheds light on that light An important vital sign for identifying people at higher or greater risk gravity Chronic diseases with an inflammatory component.

Increased vitamin D in deficient subjects would reduce chronic inflammation and risk of chronic disease with an inflammatory component. synthesized under the influence ultravioletThe Vitamin D Help repair Calcium It works on the mineralization of bones and teeth. It can also be found in food, especially in oily fishoils liver Fish and egg yolk.

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