video. It went unnoticed but Portugal beat Romania this weekend!

video.  It went unnoticed but Portugal beat Romania this weekend!

One of the shocks of the weekend was the European Rugby Championship. This competition, better known to the general public as the 6 Nations B Championship, brought together the four top teams of the moment in this format with 8 picks. After Spain and Georgia secured a big win for Lilos on Saturday (3 to 41), Portugal welcomed Romania on Sunday to offer themselves the semi-final match at home. And even if their situation has now changed since their qualification for the 2023 World Cup, Dacoise’s Rocket mates Rodrigo Marta have once again responded with their presence and admiration.

Football. The tenth factor for Portugal and the best scorer for the National Who is the arrow Rodrigo Marta?Surprised at first by a Roman attempt, the Portuguese immediately responded to their opponent, to the point of strangling him. Propelled by the still engaging action game, Patrice Lajesquet’s flock planted 5 tries for the East Men, including 2 by players playing in France. Even reaping an offensive bonus and passing nearly 40 points to their opponent, which determines morale, is just over 6 months into the World Cup. In two weeks, he will host Wolverhampton and Spain, before considering the final against Georgia the following weekend. Which will allow the Portuguese to learn more about their true place on the international chessboard, while we speak…

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