Video – Euro 2024: “Very cute” affection for a little girl who accompanied Ronaldo on the field

Video – Euro 2024: “Very cute” affection for a little girl who accompanied Ronaldo on the field

A little girl's emotional reaction after touching Cristiano Ronaldo has gone viral on social media.

Look no further than the Euro 2024 star, as she is a very young girl who accompanied the players of the Portugal-Turkey match on the field before the national anthem.

This little girl clearly couldn't believe that Cristiano Ronaldo was right behind her. It has gone beyond the protocol that requires members of Lidl Kids teams to remain unaffected by European football's biggest stars.

She seemed very moved, and touched the Portuguese captain as if she believed a little more in the dream she was living in Mondovigne. The Portuguese took it with a smile. What followed was a very touching scene in which the little girl shared her happiness with her neighbor. After the national anthem, Ronaldo hugged the little girl.

The Lidl Kids team consists of 1,100 children from all over Europe to accompany the players on the pitch before kick-off.

He goes to the toilet…then returns to the field to ask his star to take a selfie

Note that Ronaldo also pleased 10-year-old Berat, who appeared on the field in the 68th minute of play to take a selfie with the Portuguese star. The latter participated in the match to the delight of his fans. “I have just achieved my dream. Now I have a picture with Cristiano Ronaldo,” he told German newspaper Bild. Berat had told his father that he was going to the toilet, but after a short time, the latter saw him enter the field and rush towards Ronaldo.

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During this match against Türkiye, two other people tried to come and take a selfie with Ronaldo. The Portuguese player enjoyed these conquests with less pleasure.

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