“Verbal Contract”: She files a lawsuit against her boyfriend because he did not drive her to the airport

“Verbal Contract”: She files a lawsuit against her boyfriend because he did not drive her to the airport

A New Zealand woman, who missed her flight after her lover broke his promise to drive her to the airport, has decided to file a lawsuit against him to recover the costs she incurred.

The New Zealander, identified only by her initials in the decision, would have chosen to pursue her partner of the past six years in a disputes tribunal for violating their “oral contract,” The Guardian reported on Friday.

Because according to her, the latter promised to take her back to the airport and take care of her two dogs at home while she enjoyed a concert outside with friends.

Except when D-Day arrived, the man didn't show up as expected, causing him to lose his plane. She also had to pay for new plane tickets the next day, transportation to the airport, and put her dogs in a kennel during her trip, she said in the court document.

But according to the court judge, Krizia Koe, the couple did not take any steps to ensure that the promise was respected from a legal point of view, so the court would not be able to impose “legally binding consequences”, as we can read.

“Even if the promise is made, it is far from a contract. This is part of family agreements and everyday family relationships that are not enforceable in court.

The court mentioned in passing that there are “many examples of friends who let their friend down,” but it is an “irreparable loss” if it is a service that has no legal weight, as British media said, rejecting the request.

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