Valais: An annoyed policeman loses his temper and violates the confidentiality of the post

Valais: An annoyed policeman loses his temper and violates the confidentiality of the post


An upset policeman loses his temper and breaches the confidentiality of the post

An officer angry at a driver’s behavior has been found guilty.


The wrong questioning took place in June 2022 (illustrative image)

Valais Police

A member of the Valais district police has been sentenced for breaching official secrecy. Annoyed by a man who arrested him, he informs his employer of his crime.

The case occurred in June 2022. While on patrol, an officer spots a man on the phone while driving a delivery truck. The policeman asked him to go to the police station for questioning.

Then I messed it up. The interrogation took place in an atmosphere described as icy, The Guardian reported Walliser bot. The man who was questioned, of Portuguese descent, would have been insulting and despised. He also accused the police officer of racism and asked him where he could file a complaint against him.

The “angry” policeman ended up declaring that it was the law. He then threatened to call the driver’s employer to inform him of his crime. Which he eventually did by telling her that this man might damage the company’s reputation.

extenuating circumstances

But by “caftant” in this way, the policeman, subject to official secrecy, went too far. But justice has reserved mitigating circumstances for the police officer who has not had trouble in the past. I judged that he acted under the influence of “strong passions”, even if one might have a right to expect the doer to control himself.

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The constable was finally sentenced to a 30-day fine of 90 francs, suspended for two years. He will also have to pay a fine of 700 francs.

An investigation will be conducted to determine whether the driver’s behavior during the interrogation is subject to prosecution.

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