USA: Dog Starts House Fire, Connected Speaker Saves Their Life

USA: Dog Starts House Fire, Connected Speaker Saves Their Life

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The house almost burned down. american couplefrom Colorado Springs, USA, was warned by her loudspeaker that smoke and flames were invading their home on the night of June 26.

It's theirs dog, In search of food, which unfortunately The fire started In the kitchen, reports android.

very curious dog

Obviously, humans aren't the only ones who wander around at night looking for something to eat in the fridge.

The family dog ​​has already found himself. Both paws on the stovehe is clearly very interested. Boxes made of cardboardI'm definitely thinking of finding food there.

But this comes off the stove. accidentally lights up the panels :cans Then it quickly catches shown in the video below:

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The connected speaker wakes them up.

The couple who was sleeping On the floorHe didn't wake up when the fire broke out.

In fact, it is. connected speaker HomePod (Apple) who warned them. How is this possible?

This is actually not equipped with a smoke or temperature detector. In fact, the fire alarm went off and Connected speaker, which detected the soundSend a notification to owners' phones or iPads.

fire It could be then. I stopped Before the firefighters could intervene.

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