United Kingdom: Circulating coins bearing the statue of King Charles

The first coins depicting Charles III, who became king after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, entered circulation in the United Kingdom on Thursday, according to an official press release.

New 50-pence coins (approximately 58 cents) are showing up at post offices across the country, “which will receive 4.9 million,” according to the Royal Mint, the organization responsible for Britain’s mints.

The official plaque that appears on these coins, the work of engraver Martin Jennings, was unveiled at the end of September. It was designed from a photograph and approved by the King.

As tradition dictates, the face of the new king turns in the opposite direction of the one that preceded him. So Charles looks left, while the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II faces right.

On the reverse of the coins there is an inscription celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, representing the royal coat of arms and the coats of arms of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, which already appeared on coins minted at that time. Charles III will be crowned on May 6.

In all, 9.6 million new coins will be in circulation at the start. There are about 27 billion coins currently in circulation in the United Kingdom, bearing the face of the late Elizabeth II: they will remain valid and will only be replaced when damaged or worn.

The first banknotes bearing the image of the new monarch will enter circulation in mid-2024, and will also gradually replace banknotes bearing the image of Elizabeth II when they are damaged.

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