Unexpected benefits on the skin

Every summer, campaigns Prevent multiply in relation to danger the sun. In fact, a exposure Prolonged exposure to the sun can have negative effects on our bodies. sunstroke or even a drying It can happen very quickly. But the most terrifying thing is sunburn and more dangerous than that, skin cancer. One of the most famous ones that grow in the mass is skin cancerwhich is a pigmented lesion that appears on the skin or develops from from mole. The latter accounts for approximately 15-20% of cases depending on Cancer Association.

This is why it is always essential to protect yourself well when out in the sun because the risk increases by 80% if you had at least five sunburns with blisters twenty years ago. The fair complexion They are more vulnerable and should be more vigilant. National Cancer Institute We recommend that you do not expose yourself between 12 noon and 4 pmTo cover with glasses, clothing, and hats, but also to use sunscreen frequently. But the sun is not always our worst enemy. In fact, the latter can have unexpected benefits on the skin as Dr. Marion Fradet, MD, a dermatologist at Larry Hospital explained to the paper. future sciences.

The sun against certain diseases

some chronic diseases It can be cured by the sun: “Some heal with it light therapy. In the case of psoriasis, for example, UV rays slow down the regeneration of skin cells and thus help Reduce pests“She explains.” They also have an interesting anti-inflammatory effect against certain forms eczema. In the vitiligo [qui provoque une dépigmentation partielle de la peau]this same ultraviolet rays stimulate melanocyteswhich will allow, to some extent, to re-dye the skin.”

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The Sun It has special benefits in treating acne: “At that time, the anti-inflammatory effect of the sun’s rays allows the lesions to be reduced. But after stopping exposure, we often notice acne breakouts. Moreover, one should not lose sight of the great risks hyperpigmentation subordinate surgeon because of the sun. This is why we never do light therapy young loveOf course, you should not stay in the sun for hours, as protection is always necessary: ​​”the risks of sunburn, cancer and accelerated skin aging.” Always present. So they advise, as with everyone else, to protect themselves with sunscreen, as it still allows a small amount of ultraviolet rays to pass through, exposing themselves at the least dangerous hour, In the morning or late afternoon.

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