Under pressure from the authorities, Apple is finally implementing changes to the App Store

Under pressure from the authorities, Apple is finally implementing changes to the App Store

Apps like Netflix and Spotify are now allowed to bypass the App Store payment system. In the Netherlands, where Apple has been judged, dating apps can also offer an alternative payment engine.

In September 2021, Apple announced its intention to Modify some rules in the App Store. Six months later, the Californian brand is finally starting to implement these changes. reader apps, as they are called (i.e. applications that allow viewing content from a paid service), are now allowed to redirect users to their own website so that they can sign up. In the past, they were not allowed to mention this possibility, and only subscriptions with an Apple account were allowed.

Netflix and Spotify, the biggest winners of this change

These new rules won’t make Epic Games happy, The origin of a huge lawsuit against Apple (He is tired of sharing 30% of the proceeds It is an electronic game with the California brand), but they should please giants like Netflix and Spotify, which now have the ability to offer subscriptions to their apps without going through Apple.

This gives them two advantages:

  1. They control subscriptions (i.e. promotions, sponsorships, contact details, complaints, terminations, etc.).
  2. They no longer have to share 30% (or 15% for small developers) of their revenue with Apple. Many paid more for a subscription through the App Store, not to earn less.

To access this feature, related developers need to Fill out a form on the Apple website. If their request is accepted, they will have to meet specific conditions before users are redirected to their sites. Apple, for example, requires that text be displayed indicating that Apple is not responsible for the transaction, that Apple cannot offer any refunds, that termination cannot take place from an Apple device and that Apple cannot guarantee that the transaction is secure. If the user agrees to these terms despite their deterrent nature, they can subscribe outside the App Store.

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In addition to Netflix and Spotify, many popular applications belong to the “reader” category. We are especially considering all of their competitors (Amazon Prime, Disney+, myCANAL, Deezer, etc.) but also Cafeyn or Kindle. Most of these apps don’t allow subscription from iPhone and iPad, which complicates the user experience (even Netflix apologizes to its customers, telling them it has nothing to do with it). This new policy should improve the App Store.

The pressure of the authorities is working

For several years, Apple and Google have been targeted by various anti-competitive authorities. Thanks to Japan, Apple initiated the aforementioned changes, while other courts could have other effects, more or less significant, in the future. The AMDa new European anti-GAFAM law, wants to force Apple to install apps outside the App Store. The potential to seriously worry the brandwhich puts data privacy in the first place.

At the end of 2021, the Netherlands asked Apple to allow payments in dating apps without going through the App Store engine. Sentenced to a fine of 50 million euros for being lateFinally, Apple implements the changes. The brand advertises that app developers are in the Netherlands and only in the Netherlands Like Tinder or Bumble they will be able to offer a payment form directly in their apps. A change could calm the Dutch authorities, who until then had refuted Apple’s proposals. Be warned, though, that there is a gray area in all of this, Apple will continue to charge a commission on payments, even if it doesn’t go through its engine. 27% commission has been quoted in the past, a slight decrease of 3% compared to the integrated system. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Netherlands continue to complain.

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