Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection – It’s All About Form, Nothing About Essence

How many keyboard controls do you need to use for rope climbing? In Naughty Dog, or more likely on PlayStation PC, responsible for Windows adaptation of the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and independent expansion The lost legacy, was judged to be two. And this difference, admittedly slight, points to the problems that have plagued the latest version of The Adventures of Nathan Drake.

On paper, the idea is frankly intriguing: transferring the adventures of the famous adventurer from PlayStation to PC, while giving a new coat of paint to this game that was first released in 2017.

And we have to admit, that coat of paint, this graphic optimization, is frankly a success. We will not hesitate to show us, in the loading screens, the close faces of the various characters, with the details clearly added with the aim of overcoming this “super valley”, this impression of detachment when the artificial characters attempt it. They look like humans.

Here, the result is great, even if the hardware requirements of the game are arduous: even by choosing a “low” quality level, the game will sometimes have difficulty displaying costume sets and characteristics quickly, for example. Yes, there is no doubt that this reporter’s computer has seen better days, and yes, it is quite understandable that the developers wanted to entice PC gamers by getting attached not only to Mr. Whether all this is really necessary.

Because the game itself has serious speed and chassis problems. If we have to take credit for that – the dialogues and interactions between the characters give the impression we’re taken from a movie with an excellent cadence, Naughty Dog Hat – we honestly get the impression we’re stuck in a movie.

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Filmmakers are not only many, but also very tall. In fact, among the few hours that this journalist devoted to the game, it is very likely that half of the “game” time, or more, was actually waiting for the characters represented on screen to finish their dialogues. , so you can then explore a specific area, kill some bad guys, or escape a rockslide, among other things.

Even stranger, the vast majority of the graphics horsepower seem dedicated to bringing the characters to life during these cinematic scenes. Of course, the game’s environments are very beautiful, but why swallow all the technical means in sequences where the player does absolutely nothing? If one wants to watch a movie featuring a young adventurer escaping death and traveling the world, well, there’s always a certain Indiana Jones…

Among other irritants, we don’t understand why the only game in the series to port on PC is the fourth (and newest) game. For a world where characters evolve through various adventures, it was sometimes very difficult to understand why certain characters emerged.

and finally, with correct exploratory sequences, but give the impression of being oriented towards a single approach; With many errors in the aspect of animation or interactions between characters; With action sequences, especially on the shooting side, where the controls aren’t very precise, and with remnants of console controls, like the famous second button necessary to climb along the rope, Thieves’ Legacy Group It is decorating the windows greatly. But once the “wow” effect dissipates, there’s very little left to cling to…

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Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves

Developers: Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy Studios

publisher: Playstation computer

a program : Windows (Tested on Steam)

The game is presented in French

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