Two US Army doctors accused of leaking classified information

A US Army doctor and his wife are accused of providing secret military medical records to the Russian government.

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Anna Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist, and her husband, Jamie Lee Henry, a US Army major and physician, allegedly provided classified ‘personal health information’ to an undercover FBI agent, who was pretending to be a Russian government employee, CNN reported. that.

The couple were arrested Tuesday morning, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland.
According to the indictment, an undercover agent called Gabrielian, identifying himself as an employee of the Russian Embassy, ​​last August. He reportedly approached her after she called the Russian embassy to offer her and her husband the assistance of the Russian government.

During a meeting between the anesthesiologist and the agent, Anna Gabrielian reportedly said she was “driven by Russia-oriented patriotism,” and that she wanted help, even if it meant risking imprisonment.
She also allegedly assured the agent that her husband could provide information on how hospitals were set up by the US military during the war, and training provided to the Ukrainian military.

Also, according to CNN, Mr. Henry said during a meeting, that he was “considering volunteering to join the Russian army after the conflict in Ukraine began,” but that he did not have the necessary combat experience, according to the indictment. Henry is said to have a “secret” security clearance.

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Mr. Henry allegedly provided the undercover agent last August with the medical records of a US Army officer, a Department of Defense employee and the wives of three veterans, two of whom died.

The prosecution also alleged that Ms. Gabrielian provided health information about the wife of a government employee and army veteran. The woman reportedly made a plan for her and her family to flee to Turkey and provided the agent with a cover story explaining their communications.

“I don’t want to end up in prison here with my kids hostage over my head,” she allegedly confessed to an FBI agent.

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