Two unknown Macs appear in your Steam stats

Two unknown Macs appear in your Steam stats

Two unrecognized Macs have appeared Usage statistics From Steam for the month of November. Valve’s game store conducts a monthly – optional and anonymous – survey of its users, which serves as a basis for developing improvements. Thus, Steam collects all kinds of information about your Mac hardware, OS version, RAM size, sim, and so on.

However, it turned out that in the November delivery, two Macs unknown to the battalion appeared: Mac14.6 and Mac15.4. Other identifiers hide already released devices: for example, the MacBook Air M2 has the identifier Mac14.2. The two models that interest us use 0.00% on the platform, but their presence actually indicates that Apple is in the testing phase of these mysterious devices.

Mac14.6 is even more interesting because we haven’t heard about it for the first time. In fact, the id also appeared in recent criteria for M2 Max chip. The 14/16-inch MacBook Pro or Mac Studio could be equipped with this futuristic chip.

The second Geekbench test of

A second Geekbench test of the Apple M2 Max, a little faster

The presence of Mac14.6 and Mac15.4 in Steam’s monthly poll in no way suggests that they will launch soon. But we can imagine Apple isn’t far behind: the first quarter of 2023 often comes around when it comes to laptops.

MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch M2 Finally in Q1 2023?

MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch M2 Finally in Q1 2023?

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