Twitter has launched ‘circles’ to share its tweets with a restricted group of people

Twitter has launched ‘circles’ to share its tweets with a restricted group of people

A circle can have up to 150 members, and it develops indefinitely. This feature is still in the testing phase, and is only available to a limited number of users.

Twitter will offer the ability to limit the audience for its tweets. The social network opened its “Circles” post on May 3. This allows you to select up to 150 users from your subscriber list, to create a ‘circle’ and thus make the tweet visible only to them.

“Some tweets are for everyone, others are just for the ones you’ve selected. We’re currently testing ‘Circles,’ which allows you to create a list of up to 150 members when you want to interact with a smaller community,” tweeted the social network teams.

Only one “circle” is allowed per user. Members will not be able to see the full list of the selected people, but they will be able to see all the interactions there. It is possible to modify the list at any time without informing users if they have been removed from it.

“With a private account, only your followers will be able to see your tweets. You can activate this feature once, and it will stay in place until you decide to remove it. With circles, you choose your audience for each tweet that you will be able to send one tweet to your circle, and then the next tweet to all of your followers” Twitter on his site.

At the moment, only a limited number of users have access to this new feature, which is still under development.

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The announcement comes as the social network is in the midst of controversy. Since its acquisition by entrepreneur Elon Musk, doubts about the future of the platform have multiplied, between Cautious investors and anxious users.

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