Tunic – tunic test – what does the fox say? / Update 01.10.2022: Switch version testing

Originally called Secret of Legend, Tunic features a charming little fox in an atmosphere very inspired by the first Zeldas and all sprinkled with a slight Soulienne flair. We went on an adventure and here is our story.

October 1, 2022 Update: Switch version testing by NeoGrifteR

Like many other indie games, Tunic is also coming to the mini console from nintendo. It is always a good idea to present a game to as many people as possible, especially when it comes to discovering such a good title.

The game remains as beautiful as in converts The music is equally captivating. The little fox also controls himself very well. However, the console does show rare weak moments (definitely improved with the latest updates): a little choppy change of light here, a small slowdown there. Loading times can be long, too: It’s not dramatic, but it can throw you off multiple trips back and forth. This version does not bring anything new or additional functions compared to the original version released last March. The touch screen that has been taken out of the dock is not used.

Finally, the port is right: you can run it in good conditions, and it offers the possibility to immerse yourself in it on the go (as in SteamDeck, on the other hand, but with the autonomy that we know).

cunning like a fox

announced throughE3 2017Tunic is a game developed by our small team Recently interviewed. It was the idea of ​​the lead developer and father of Tunic (Andrew Play Only in his world.

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You arrive on a fairly large island without the slightest sign of your adventure. You must explore and search for notes and answers regarding your presence on the scene, as well as the presence of a very strange entity that appears to be imprisoned.

It’s really a Tunic character – let the player discover – and this happens especially with a little book that you complete as you go through the notes you find throughout your adventure. So, depending on your penchant for exploration, you can unlock certain skills quickly (or not). We walk around and find our way through fairly clever creation of levels, and finally, we encounter a path behind the spruce that makes us discover a new note. A very old school ’90s vibe is felt throughout the adventure, and I’m really glad to discover these different mysteries in turn. Some won’t be too sensitive to that aspect of the game that doesn’t take you by the hand, while others will appreciate it.


in level Gameplay, we are definitely classic but rather effective system. We have a stamina bar that decreases with each roll or shield protection. As long as you have stamina, your dribbling gives you immunity. Your character’s death is equivalent to losing in-game currency as well as returning to a checkpoint you activated. like mechanics Evil spiritswe can get it back to the point of his death and that’s still very little punishment in the end.

In facing yourself you have to connect the stages of movement / exploration and of course facing monsters with completely variable difficulties. Classic enemies generally pose little danger after discovering their style. On the other hand, every encounter with a boss is a real difficulty ceiling. No more exploration, a place to fight. These battles are often more complex which puts you face to face with the brutal reality of the game at times. It can be really confusing at first, but it’s also part of the core of the game whether you like it or not. However, don’t worry: the developers have thought of people who want to discover the game without having to cut their wrist or break 12 consoles. In fact, there is a simple mode that allows you, via the pause menu, to activate the invincible mode or the fact that stamina is not lost. It is enough to allow everyone to discover this small mass.


Whether in terms of its graphic charter, audio aspect, or gameplay, Tunic is a relatively well-thought-out game. It introduces both complex sides while making it possible to render the difficulty of battles obsolete. However, we will see that the game leaves you with very little clues and that bans can quickly demotivate the player. Tunic is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series via Xbox Game Pass and on PC for $27.99. Honestly, if you have a Gamepass, I warmly invite you to discover the game.

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Testing performed by Glaystal on PC using a version provided by the publisher.

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