Trump 2016 is not Trump 2022

Nearly six years since he was elected president, Trump is back.

We were all asleep the day after Trump announced his return as a candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

If there’s one thing we know about Trump, it’s that we can never claim defeat. The most obvious clue? He orchestrated a sectarian insurrection against American democracy, and he’s still here. An achievement in itself.

However, today, in November 2022, Trump is not finished, but he is weaker than ever. More than you imagine.

He does not take his fantasies as reality in order to move them forward.

Here’s why.


First, the polls. They all refer to the same phenomenon: his electoral base will follow him everywhere, no matter what he says or does. Loud, loyal, and a supporter of the 2020 election’s big lie.

Trump’s core has this in common: they’d rather lose with Trump than win with anyone else. We’re talking about, roughly, 40% Republicans here.

But for the first time, polls show a Republican opponent standing up to Trump. Name: Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida.

Take Leger’s latest poll, pictured above, of Republican voters. He notes that DeSantis has support at 45% among Republicans, and Trump at 43%. Here we are in front of statistical equality! Unheard of since Trump took over the leadership of the Republican Party!

Many analysts argue that since the Republican Party has embraced Trumpism, they are increasingly inclined to support a candidate who claims Trumpism, but without the burden of Trump’s personality. DeSantis is just that perfect candidate.

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the man from the past

The conservative media is abandoning him. Constellation Media consisting of Fox News, W.L.L New York Post And the Wall Street Journal, short for the Murdoch family, speaks of him as a man from the past. They abandon it, ignore it, or make fun of it.

Other, more “progressive” media now cover it more soberly. We no longer put it at the center of the game, analyzing all its excesses. It had a dual effect: selling copies and advancing Trump.

And above all, Trump no longer has the reputation of a winner and a troubled politician intruder.

He has lost every election since 2016.

One of the reasons for Trump’s success is his ability to bring all the American follies together. Conservatives, evangelicals, fascists, anti-abortionists have seen him as the fool they are using to advance their political agenda. They were not wrong: The Supreme Court’s decision against the right to abortion is clear evidence of that.

2022 is not 2016

American anger and its temptation to attack its democracy to achieve its goals will remain.

Trumpism, as a political movement, risks taking root on the American landscape over the next few years.

But do not think that Donald Trump of 2022 will remain the same as he succeeded in 2016.

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