Trudeau government inaction: “An embarrassment on the international stage!”

Denouncing the state of terrorism in Ukraine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered no humanitarian solution to help refugees before returning home from his trip.

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Many are indignant that the Canadian embassy in Vienna, Austria, where many refugees have crossed, is not in a crisis situation to speed up immigration of Ukrainians to Canada.

“According to the Canadian government, war is also a day off on Saturdays and Sundays, then there is no more war… It is more than an embarrassment. It is frustrating!”

“The more days went by, the more frustrated I became. I don’t understand that the prime minister was on the floor. He’s back and the working hours haven’t changed. The bureaucracy hasn’t changed. No speeding up of immigration applications.

“Why should we have a government when the bureaucracy ends and we get to Canada?”

Yasmine Abdel-Fadil believes that time is crucial for Ukrainian asylum seekers.

It’s embarrassing on the international scene. Remember that the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs were out of the country. Four very important ministers and yet there is no movement on the issue of immigration.

“We keep saying we think and everything is on the table, but actions, there is nothing. It is disappointing and frustrating, being from Kennedy.”

Analyst Luke Lavoie laments that Trudeau’s government is “on autopilot” in the event of an invasion, which has been compared to a “world war” by US President Joe Biden during the day.

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“He put the power in the hands of the civil service and let himself go.”

According to Luke Lavoie, Trudeau must ensure that the various diplomatic offices in Canada position themselves to resolve and deal with as many files as possible.

To do this, the Prime Minister must put his “fist on the table”. Yasmine Abdel-Fadil shares this view.

“In the evening, at night…human misery in Europe does not stop between five in the evening and eight in the morning.

The prime minister must bear the responsibility.”

Watch the live discussion in “La Joute” above.

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