Triathlete Erwin Vanderblank was hit by a car in Portugal

Triathlete Erwin Vanderblank was hit by a car in Portugal

Unfortunately, the dark streak continues. A few days ago, three cyclists from Tournaises, including Brunhauthuis Paul Parra, were hit by a distracted driver in northern France.

On Sunday afternoon, another accident with serious consequences occurred in Portugal. Erwin Vanderplancke, a triathlete from Liège affiliated with TRIGT (Triathlon Club du Grand Tournaisis), was in turn hit by a vehicle driven by an 80-year-old woman on his return from the Duathlon World Cup. He too was on his bike at the time of the impact.

“She didn’t seem to see him and said she was dazzled by the sunadmits Jacques Naveau, President of TRIGT. Erwin suffers from broken hands and wrists, burns in various places, and a concussion. He also had fractured facial bones from the nose, teeth, and cheekbones, as well as wounded lips and broken teeth. He even had to be put into an artificial coma for a while. He was first treated in a provincial hospital, and was taken to Lisbon.

Jacques Naveau has no words to express his feelings. “You know, when I’m riding now, I’m walking down lanes. Ordinary roads, they get deadly. And again, here, we’re talking about celebrities like Paul Barra and Erwin Vanderblank, but there are also others who are road victims. Really, it gets cooler.”

Erwin Vanderblank is 29 years old and he is one of the best athletes in La Defense. “He was in dazzling condition and had to participate in the world army, Jacques Naveau continues. We all wish him the best possible recovery from this accident.”

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Our editorial team, of course, joins in these well-wishes.

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