Travel Festival – Portuguese Letters Montmedy, July 21, 2022, Montmede.

Travel Festival – Portugal Letters
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St. Martin’s Castle Church


Les Ombres des Soirs is back at the Pays de Montmédy for a new travel festival! From July 20 to 24, 9 performances for 6 different performances will be held in several villages and heritage sites. A real art marathon over 5 days.

In Montmedy, in St. Martin’s Church, Ville Haute
Thursday, July 21, 8 p.m.
portuguese letters

Theater / Monologue – 1h10 – from 14/16 years old
From a collection of letters attributed to Gabriel de Guilleragues (published 1669)
Marianne, a Portuguese nun who resided in a convent from a young age, meets a French officer who arrived during a military campaign. They become lovers but once the campaign in Portugal ends, the officer returns to France. The show collects five letters Marianne wrote to the person whose life she valued at first sight. This collection of sublime messages plunges us into the heart of a soul tormented by one-sided love.

Offer for free.
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Saint Martin’s Church Montmédy Citadel
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