Towards indictments in the case of alleged interference from the Trump camp in the 2020 presidential election

Towards indictments in the case of alleged interference from the Trump camp in the 2020 presidential election

A grand jury in the United States investigating interference by Donald Trump’s camp in the 2020 presidential election in the state of Georgia has recommended indictments against several people, the lead juror revealed to US media on Tuesday, without specifying whether the former president was concerned.

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The grand jury has been busy for seven months examining accusations that Donald Trump and his allies tried to change the outcome of the presidential election in the southern state of Georgia, which voted for Joe Biden.

“It’s not a short list” to discuss how many people are targeted for grand jury recommendations and grievances, Emily Kohrs told MSNBC. But the juror did not name names.

Ms. Kohres also told the outlet that more than a dozen people have been targeted.

On this list, she added, “There are definitely names you can recognize” before selecting them: “There are also names you may not recognize.”

Emily Kohrs has not disclosed whether Donald Trump himself, who recently announced his 2024 White House candidacy, is on that list.

On the other hand, the juror told The New York Times that people would not be “shocked” by the jury’s revelations. “It’s not rocket science,” she said.

The investigative panel of 23 jurors received testimony from 75 witnesses, including one of Donald Trump’s former White House chiefs of staff Mark Meadows, Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and a former New York mayor and former attorney for Donald. Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

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A Georgia judge acquitted last week’s release of three redacted sections of the grand jury report, revealing that its members found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, undercutting claims by Donald Trump that the election was stolen from him.

District Attorney Fannie Willis will make the final decision on whether or not to indict those targeted by the grand jury recommendations.

The investigation began after a call from Donald Trump on January 2, 2021, urging election officials to “find” the 11,780 votes he needed to win this state against Joe Biden.

It is one of several investigations looking into the possible criminal wrongdoing of the former Republican president and his inner circle, who are accused of hatching a plan to stay in power despite losing the 2020 presidential election.

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