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Not long ago, President Biden invited famous historians to the White House. Eager to put the current period in a broader perspective, he therefore sought out such notable figures as John Meacham, Shawn Willentz, Alida Black, and Michael Bichloss.

Historians are concerned

Expert judgment? American democracy has not been so hesitant since the eve of the Civil War. If they do not fail to emphasize the contradictions between regions and ideological currents in the United States, their greatest concern lies in the lure of authoritarianism.

Shawn Willentz, a specialist in the development of American democracy prior to 1860, did not hesitate to point out that we were getting dangerously close to what Alexander Hamilton called brute force government.

Why this detour with the ideas of the Council of Elders? Because since Donald Trump and his entourage came into the political arena, we’ve drawn criticism from the political class and weed out the extremists who were developing on the sidelines.

Channeling resentment to put him in the service of a man whose behavior can be linked to that of a mafia godfather, is not without risk. And so the remedy becomes worse than the evil being condemned, which is why Trump and his minions must be held accountable for their actions in court.

The historic FBI seizure of Mar-a-Lago is just the latest in a series in which Hollywood screenwriters are ashamed. They never dared to go any further in crime, corruption, and contempt for institutions.

We don’t yet know what this takeover will lead to, but one thing is certain: By keeping the documents secret as a defensive secret in Mar-a-Lago, the 45th president is actually illegal. It remains to be seen the nature of the seized documents and their possible links to one of the other investigations — or trials — of Trump.

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Les partisans de l’ancien président ne manquent aucune occasion d’évoquer un complot politique ou l’intervention d’un État profond pour expliquer les déboires de leur gouro, mais c’est un raccourci vsi trop facile’ ainue spirit.

An unparalleled presidency

No other president or department has been dishonest or mafia-like. In the twentieth century, only the names of William Harding (1921-1923) and Richard Nixon (1969-1974) can be mentioned in the same discussion, and they are far from the truth.

How many other presidents have walked away from exposing white supremacists, convicted six of their staff, lobbied to vote, demanded the seizure of voting machines, and tried to prevent the certification of election results before tempting their supporters to crawl onto Capitol Hill?

For the sake of our stability and security, we hope that US courts will continue to demand accountability. If Trump isn’t the first president to cheat, he’s arguably the worst. Strongly accuse him and prevent him from returning.

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