Timers in toilets at a major tourist destination in China

Timers in toilets at a major tourist destination in China

Timing devices have been installed in the toilets of the Yungang Caves in China, surprising some tourists.

video It was shared on several Chinese social media It shows digital numbers above each booth, CNN reports.

When the toilet is empty, the dial indicates this in green, while when the toilet is occupied, the seconds start counting.

According to Nanchang News, timers were installed as a security measure “to ensure the well-being of visitors, while when using the toilet for a long period of time, an emergency situation arises.”

Many netizens expressed their surprise at this decision on various Chinese social media.

“I found it technologically advanced,” says one visitor, “and it means we don't have to knock on doors.” But I found it a bit awkward. It's like I'm being watched.”

An employee of the tourist complex told local media Xiaoxiang Morning that there is no question about letting visitors out if they use the toilets for a long time.

“There is no way we can control how long someone uses the restroom,” the employee says.

This destination was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, and will welcome more than three million visitors in 2023.

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