TikTok: A merchant thinking about maintaining his presence on the platform

The only elected municipal official in Quebec City who has an account on the TikTok social network, Mayor Bruno Marchand “is being analyzed to maintain his presence”.

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This is what Bruno Pierre Serre, Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Office, answered succinctly today on register.

Bruno Marchand has been on TikTok since June 2022. He has posted 13 videos there for his 1258 subscribers.

His most watched video has been watched by nearly 70,000 people, which in a subtle tone shows what is on his desk.

In the city, it was determined that the use of TikTok “is already prohibited on devices that the city provides to its employees.”

However, we remind you that “data security is a priority for the organization (which) ensures that best practices are applied”.

Many experts worry that user data could be accessed by the platform’s parent company, the Chinese group ByteDance, which would contribute to increasing Chinese influence over public opinion.

In Levis and Saguenay

On the Lévis side, neither Mayor Gilles Lehouillier nor City have a TikTok account.

Press attaché Alexandre Boudreau Forges points out that few elected officials use this social network.

Today, we were unable to determine whether to adopt a policy to remove them.

In Saguenay, “There is no elect [municipal] “Tik Tok” was confirmed by city spokesperson Dominique Arceno.

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The city itself has an account. This is fed intermittently, and can only be accessed by two employees, members of the communications department.

We also introduced the latest video released by the city, which shows a cat who needs pocket money and has the idea of ​​applying for a student job in the municipality, which was also a huge success.

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