This song known to all Quebecers is also present in 30 countries and you do not know it

This song known to all Quebecers is also present in 30 countries and you do not know it

In 2018, while on a trip to Europe, I felt uneasy upon hearing a familiar tune played on the radio in a bar in Bruges.

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She was very popular songs Lipo Vitris d’Otto. Except those weren’t the usual lyrics.

“lipo repairs, lipo replaces,” specifically, has been replaced by other words, Flemish.

You’ve already heard the Canadian version of songs “Quick Glass Repair, Quick Glass Replacement,” but I would have never guessed the song crossed the Atlantic.

At the time, I found this very strange, but my curiosity didn’t lead me any further.

Nothing has changed until this morning during my morning session of TikTok I came across the same familiar tune.

“Safelite Repair, Safelite Replacement.” This song, coming from the United States, was chosen to compile ads coming from across the four countries.

Like New Zealand with “Reform Smith and Smith, replace Smith and Smith”. For the majority of countries, it is Carglass.

A quick Google search led me to information I should have found four years ago. Lebeau, Speedy Glass, Safelite, Carglass and others belong to Belron, an English group that specializes in auto glass.

In total, Belron operates in more than 34 countries.

So, if you ever find yourself traveling and hear the infamous earworm, don’t drown.

“The sack of chips tells, the sack of chips explains.”

Also on the bag of potato chips:

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