This RPG that you don’t know is a real masterpiece

This RPG that you don’t know is a real masterpiece

If you are looking for a great RPG to play on PS4 or PS5, you have come to the right place.

Pampered fans of RPGs on PS4 and PS5

On PS4 and PS5, there’s no shortage of RPGs to immerse yourself in for dozens and dozens of hours. legends Final Fantasy to lesser known licenses such as Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel PathsThere is a lot to take care of for a long time.

but, RPG lovers Those who have been cruising around role-playing games on their console for several years may struggle to find a new title that they enjoy. If you are one of them, rest assured. we found Fantastic RPG Which you definitely don’t know.

CrossCode, an unknown RPG with many qualities

CrossCodeDoes this remind you of anything? Opportunities are not. However, this 2D RPG deserves your full attention. An RPG developed by Radical Fish Games in a futuristic world. You play Leah, a young woman who has lost her memory. CrossCode mix Dynamic combat system, puzzles and explorations Like the best 3D RPG. Go back about 50 hours to experience this generous game with an excellent soundtrack and perfectly controlled rhythm.

CrossCode It is one of the few 2D games You have such a work history. If you like boss fights, know that the game has thirty good ones. Those who are allergic to pixel art should at least give it a chance CrossCode. What are you waiting for while waiting for the big releases for the end of the year. In August, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to download for free Another fantasy RPG thanks to PS Plus.

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