This is what Apple Car looks like, according to AI

The real Arlesian, the supposed electric and/or autonomous vehicle that Apple has been working on for several years, is fueling many speculations.

If no one knows exactly what Apple Car Some have attempted to create fanciful displays based on the minimal aesthetic of the apple brand. John MurilloAn industrial designer who teaches at the California College of the Arts in California, had a better idea: Ask an AI to imagine an Apple car.

To do this, he used DALL-E 2, an artificial intelligence capable of creating photo-realistic artworks from natural language descriptions. John Mauriello asked him to work on a sports car design with the aesthetic reference for the MacBook and the Magic Mouse. He refined his order by claiming the DALL-E 2 drew inspiration from the work of Jony Ive, the former Apple chief of design who has worked on the brand’s biggest commercial success since the iPhone.

The Apple car created by AI DALL-E 2 is inspired by the MacBook. © John Murillo

AI shows a somewhat limited ‘imagination’

The interpretation given by the AI ​​fully responded to the demand for a refined style so dear to him apple. The vehicle developed by DALL-E 2 displays simple, all-round lines with a metallic gray finish typical of MacBooks. One might even be surprised by some of the conservatism of AI in which more suggestion than any obstacles can be expected. In fact, theApple Car The DALL-E 2 it offers us is certainly attractive and futuristic, but it has an air of deja-vu. This is clearly due to respect for the preconditions imposed by John Murillo, which in passing indicates that the margin for improvisation of this AI could not be more modest.

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© John Murillo

For more than six years, the iPhone manufacturer has been credited with wanting to launch an electric car with more or less advanced autonomous functions. This car will be without pedals and steering wheel and will not be offered as a single car but as a shared transfer service.

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