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Over the past few days, users of email service are no longer able to access their emails via a third-party application. La Poste confirms and states “security reasons”, but the service can still be used.

If you have Address @ laposte.netYou will definitely meet, some difficulties. Over the past few days, your email can no longer be accessed from third-party email programs or apps. Do not try to change the settings or change the tools, the The problem comes from the courier service From the La Poste collection. You have to go to the website to find an information message; Indicating that the e-mail service has “Temporarily closed” POP and IMAP protocols. company indicate “security measure” It specifies that Messaging Still available from Site or the official mobile app.

The issue surfaced last week and affects tens of thousands of users. Therefore, at the moment, it is impossible to go through the Windows Mail app, Apple Mail, or even Thunderbird. On Twitter, the account of La Poste confirmed that “This action was taken for security reasons and for an indefinite period.”. So it is necessary to bear his illness; And Using the website or app To access their emails.

La Poste invites its users to wait

Remember that in the event of a breach, the service has a 72-hour period to notify CNIL. However, there is no indication that this is a breach and that personal data has been compromised. We will have to wait for a clearer communication from La Poste “Please wait a moment.”.

Mail visitor Its mail service users “wait a little longer.” © Screenshot / Twitter

In the face of the American giants Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Outlook), relies on simplicity and claims an interface “intuitive”. A leading messaging service in France, the service offers basic functions such as the ability to create up to 6 aliases. It also offers 5 GB of storage space. Finally, addresses can send up to 20MB of attachments and take advantage of Built-in Anti-Spam.

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