This famous Verdi opera aria is taken from “Sisi” by Nana Mouskouri and Zucchero

This famous Verdi opera aria is taken from “Sisi” by Nana Mouskouri and Zucchero

Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi is a real opera monument. A major work of classical music air Go Pensiero Distinguished by his contemporaries and a large number of famous musical artists. famous Freedom Choir Inspired by, among others, Waldo de los Rios, Nana Muscouri and Zucchero.

Why is this opera such a sensation? On the evening of March 9, 1842 in Milan, the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdiwho was 28 years old, was about to experience his first major success with the Nabucco. An opera narrating the captivity of the Hebrew people in Babylon, the city where none other than Nebuchadnezzar was king.

A story that would especially touch the audience of the time. Because in the middle of the nineteenth century, the Italian lands were largely under the control of the Austrian occupiers. So, when the choir first resonates at La Scala in Milan Go think, it’s a revelation. This course comes at the end of the third semester of Nabucco. And this choir is sung by the Hebrews, who mourn their fate, prisoners on the banks of the Euphrates. Furthermore it, Go thinkwhich translates from Italian as “the thought goes”often referred to as the “Slave Choir” or the “Freedom Choir”.

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