These are the artists who will make the Portuguese scene shake at Europavox

In the 2022 edition, Europavox again took 1 . placeVerse Drive in Clermont-Ferrand as usual with a sharp and European programme. As every year, the main part is given to the country. This time it is time for kuduro, fado, Angolan music and the like: Portugal and the Portuguese scene will be in the spotlight. She is wonderfully represented by Nene, Surma, Shinobi and Bongo. Four Portuguese talents, we can’t wait to introduce them to you!


She wasn’t even twenty, she popped in with her solo “sushi” Before continuing on two clips at the colorful German studios Colours. Since then, the rapper has continued her rise, as if as dazzling as the lines of her lyrics. Nene deals with the art of words but also the art of melody, always wrapped with instruments sometimes r’n’b, sometimes snare and even afrobith. The Portuguese allow themselves everything. His first album We will get It is urgently listened to and embodies all the dynamics of today’s Portuguese rap.

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A daring explorer of music and sound, which propelled her to become a multi-instrumentalist, we can say without getting too wet that Surma is a sensation of the Portuguese electronic scene. His productions, located midway between ambient jazz, post-rock and experimental jazz, are as exciting as they are inspiring. Comfortable on the microphone, his warm voice contrasts with his dry, cold productions. Surma is that campfire lit in the middle of a Scandinavian forest: watch out for goosebumps when listening to his album Antwerp or the sound EP on my

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A prominent figure in the Portuguese electronic scene, Shinobi is a sound craftsman with an infectious sense of humor. An ardent defender of the house, combined with the sounds of the traditional music of his country, surprises the DJ with his musical instruments, especially in his latest project balm. Project released in Discothequesa brand that Xinobi founded with his friend Moulinexanother important artist in the Portuguese electronic scene.


It is certainly the most famous of this selection, at least in France. Pongo music gives you a slap in the face. The artist is at the fore in current music, always with the right balance between traditional Angolan music and electronic music. Pongo deals with the art of pictorial art on kuduro but also on house and batida – the demonic dance genre with Angolan influence. Patida is notably represented by very powerful underground Portuguese posters, including the fantastic principle who signed projects DJ fox nigga. If Pongo offers a more popular version of this electronic music brand, the recipe is no less tasty. Here we listen to his latest album sacquidellaand you?

Find all the complete programming on Tsugi and on the site Eurovox . Festival.

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