Their caravan in which they were sleeping peacefully was stolen.

Their caravan in which they were sleeping peacefully was stolen.

A Colorado couple tied their truck to a mobile home where they were sleeping with their dog and a stolen friend, before calling the police without the thief's knowledge.

On that hot night in early June, the thief in the stolen car refused to stop despite the flashing lights of police who blocked his path at a dead end, after a short chase in Boulder.

Fugitive David Bradley Metz, 47, showing an unnerving composure, began a lunar dialogue, addressing the police: “Problem, officer? Can you tell me?” as he was handcuffed.

“In the caravan I just robbed, the owners are asleep,” the police officer explained to the suspect who had the nerve to respond without batting an eyelid. “I didn’t rob it, I was just trying to.”

The American media continued, quoting the Boulder Police, that the police officers who rescued the victims in their convoy arrested the suspect, who had previously been convicted three times for the same reasons, on charges of theft and endangering the lives of others.

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