The Super Moon will shine on the night of Wednesday, July 13

The Super Moon will shine on the night of Wednesday, July 13

The supermoon will occur in the night sky from July 13 to 14, 2022. It is the second and last such event of the year, after the June 14 event. In addition, this time our satellite will position itself at the shortest distance from Earth.

Maximum approach to the moon

Next Wednesday, the full moon will be special because it will be at its perihelion, that is, the closest to Earth, at exactly 357,264 kilometers, according toIMCEE (average 384,400 km). This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “Super Moon”a term that astronomers did not agree with, preferring the name gutter – syzygia. As a reminder, syzygy distinguishes three star alignments. Moreover, the moon is said to be full only when it is around against the sun Compared to our blue planet.

From what time can it be observed?

The moon will flood the celestial vault with the most beautiful brilliance around it 22 hours in France and will continue its path clearly visible until 6 in the morning. Bigger and brighter As usual, the difference with the average full moon will remain imperceptible to our eyes. It is nonetheless a marvel of meditation. With appropriate binoculars, you will be able to see craters on its surface, their relief distorting the left rotation of the star and pointing to the lunar seas, these layers of basalt from ancient lava flows and the effects of meteorites.

Credits: sweetlouise/Pixabay

Some characteristics of the moon

Here are some interesting numbers that allow us to better understand our natural satellite:

  • Earth temperature : 120°C during the day, -153°C in the shade
  • Diameter at the equator : 3476 km
  • Average apparent diameter : 31′ 05′, which is about 0.5 degrees (versus 33.44′ the following Super Moon evening)
  • Albedo (Share of refracted solar rays): 0.05 to 0.24
  • gravity : six times weaker than on earth
  • Distance from Earth each year : 3.8 cm
  • The speed of revolution around the earth : 1.02 km/sec
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It is once again a chance to look at the stars and think The greatness of the vast outer spacestarting with the celestial bodies adjacent to the globe, such as the moon that turns into a supermoon that evening.

Now and since June, don’t miss out Parade of planets. This amazing show takes place only once in a lifetime and can be observed from two in the morning. But hastily, this unique connection has been weakening night by day since June 24th. Thus, each of the planets of the solar system will end up tracking its own path during August.

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