The Spanish-Portuguese challenge is on display at the Rejon d'Or.

The Spanish-Portuguese challenge is on display at the Rejon d'Or.

On July 13, bullfighting enthusiasts gather at the Domaine Paul Ricard for the old-fashioned Feria de Méjanes, to experience the 52nd edition of the Réjon d'Or.

On this occasion, as part of the annual horse fair, a new, innovative and star-studded cartel has been conceived. Next Saturday, at the Pasillo, scheduled for 6 p.m., six regionals, three Spaniards and three Portuguese, will come to fight a group of toros wearing the colors of the Jalabert Frere breeding: Sergio Galán, João Moura Higo, João Ribeiro Telles, Francisco Palha, Andrés Romero and Sebastian Fernandes.

Sergio Galán will be the leader of Lidia. The madrileño is regularly ranked among the leading esclavonists in equestrian bullfighting, thanks to his style, classic torio and the efficiency he displays. With his full name Sergio Izquierdo Galán, he is one of the bullfighters representative in the Rejónio today, with approximately 10 exits through the Puerta Grande in the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas.

João Antônio Braz de Moura (“Son of João Moura”) is none other than the offspring of one of the greatest bullfighters on horseback, who bears his name and many of his attributes. The Portuguese took the substitute on May 15, 2005 in the arenas of Nîmes with his godfather Maria Sara and Andy Cartagena as witnesses, before triumphing all over the bullfighting world, including in the United States. He was present at the historic bullfighting cartel in Santarém, on June 10, the “Día de Portugal”, with João Ribeiro Telles.

The latter, also on the Rejon d'Or bill, celebrated 15 years of his selection last year (September 4, 2008 in Lisbon, Toros de Bassanha. He is one of the main representatives of a large family of Lusitanian bullfighters on horseback.

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Francisco Palha, Lusitano Cavaleiro, has confirmed his selection for the Feria des Vendanges de Nîmes in 2021. This year, the native of Vilafranca de Xira celebrates 15 years of the selection, taken on July 31 in Montijo. He is also one of the pioneers of the Marialva art, jumping to the top of the world rankings in Portugal, where the bullfighter on horseback is king.

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