The Ministry of Health is updating its vigilance protocol

In a ministerial bulletin, Khaled Ait Talib informed regional health directors of this second protocol update. This is justified by “the development of the epidemiological situation at the international level and the improvement of knowledge of the epidemiological characteristics related to this epidemiological episode”.

The update concerns first the precise definition of the probable condition, which now corresponds to anyone presenting with a rash, vesicular or vesicular-pustular, preceded or accompanied by a fever equal to or less than 38 degrees. The ministry presents other symptoms such as chickenpox, measles, herpes, rickets and any possible allergic reaction.

In addition, a person is considered a probable case if they have been in contact with a confirmed case within 21 days of developing symptoms. Therefore, each person is presumed to be a probable case if they visit a country with smallpox and where there is human-to-human transmission.

Contamination should be reported immediately to the regional or county health authority responsible for the health structure where the diagnosis was mentioned by the doctor. The competent health authority must then declare this case to the regional directorate, which validates it in consultation with the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations (CNOUSP).

Once the case is confirmed, you are subject to a strict protocol of care, and the indication of hospital admission for probable or confirmed cases is dependent on the medical evaluation, we read on the document, of which L’Opinion holds a copy.

The document also provides for the treatment intended for patients. In addition to good hydration, the department recommends taking antipyretics or analgesics such as paracetamol or tramadol in addition to vitamin A supplements.

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