The Man of Our Lives: New series this evening on M6 (24 November)

The man of our lives from November 24, 2022 – This evening M6 launches its new series The Man of Our Lives, hosted by Jonathan Zakic and Odile Vuillemin. This fantasy is inspired by true stories, which have made headlines such as Derek Aldred, Christophe Rocancourt and Jacques Masset… The initial promise is twofold: on the one hand, a brilliant and brilliant con man who seduces women to empty their bank account. On the other hand, his victims who will gather to try to bring him down.


Watch tonight on M6 from 9:10pm or later 6 play to repeat.

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The Man of Our Lives from November 24: Two Unreleased Episodes

episode 1 : Aourianne, a nurse so far unlucky in love, marries on the Côte d’Azur Amaury, a French-speaking Canadian and Doctors Without Borders surgeon. Camille, who has set aside her private life to run her late parents’ hotel with her sister, lives passion for a few months with a regular client, Nathan, a former merchant of Portuguese descent. The latter only disappeared during his last stay after he emptied the hotel accounts. In Paris, Mathilde, devoted to her business and her daughter Agathe, lets herself have an adventure with Romain, a brilliant correspondent.

Episode 2: Camille continues her investigation into her ex-husband, Nathan, who left with the cash register from his hotel. In Paris, Romain unexpectedly meets Agathe, daughter of Mathilde. Upset, O’Rianne makes a medical error and talks to her best friend, Solen. Agathe expresses her doubts about Romain but Mathilde does not listen to her. Iris, a singer in the middle of a divorce, meets Ghislaine, an airline pilot. Amaury, powerless in the face of Orian’s aggressiveness, has heeded her stepfather’s advice. Romain has a surprise in store for Mathilde: a romantic escape to Reunion.

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With Jonathan Zacache (Guillaume), Odile Vollemin (Camil Neiva), Elodie Freyjeh (Iris), Helena Nogueira (Mathilde), Flor Bonaventura (Orian Mancini), Rani Behemuk (Sulin), Arisia Lumiere (Agathe Mancini)

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Catch ‘The Man of Our Lives’ this evening from 9:10pm on M6 and on replay 6 play

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