“The majority of antiquities benefit from restoration programmes.”

“The majority of antiquities benefit from restoration programmes.”

2022 saw a restoration program for a number of historical sites, including the Portuguese city of El Jadida, the historic wall of the Hassan Mosque and the Chellah site in Rabat, the Lixus historical site in Larache, Agmat in Marrakech, and Volubilis in Meknes. Mr. Ben Said explained in the city of Sale, the Marinid School in Salé, the Sidi Mohamed bin Abdullah Museum in Essaouira, the Badi Palace, the Bahia Palace, the Manara Pavilion, and the Saadian Tombs in Marrakech, in addition to the historical site of Agadir Oufla, in response to an oral question of the House of Representatives.

The minister indicated that during this year an envelope of 4 million dirhams was allocated to launch restoration work and technical studies for the benefit of these historical sites, adding that his department also contributes to the rehabilitation of a number of antiquities under responsibility. To local authorities and regional councils, in addition to providing support in heritage affairs with the aim of bringing about a rapprochement between state interventions and the interventions of regional and local councils. Mr. Ben Said also indicated that the ministry’s plan is not in any way limited to a single restoration of these sites, but rather to the development of a tourist plan that allows it to accommodate recreational and commercial places to establish an economic dynamic, to make it a preferred tourist destination for Moroccans and foreigners and to consecrate the concept of cultural tourism.

The official also indicated that the ministerial decision on the establishment of the “Morocco Label” is going through the legislative steps necessary for its implementation, adding that work is currently focused on reviewing the law on the protection of national cultural heritage, which will soon be submitted to the General Secretariat of the Government. In terms of awareness, the ministry organizes activities and events throughout the year through conferences and festivals to promote Moroccan heritage, according to the minister, noting that the importance of these activities increases during Heritage Month (from April 18 to May 18). . On the establishment of youth centers in rural areas, Mr. Bin Said stressed that the ministry aims, within the framework of its action plan, to expand them in partnership with local authorities according to the expressed needs, by contributing to the financing and establishment of joint institutions. The management mechanisms between these institutions and the Ministry, the concerned groups and the Ministries of Agriculture and Labour. He explained that the ministry has so far 670 youth centers spread in the regions and governorates of the Kingdom, including 378 institutions in urban areas and 292 in the countryside, noting that this year it plans to equip and develop 200 youth centers. 50 colonies.

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