The Last of Us Part I – The new official release on PS5 for September but also on PC

return back.

It was some time ago remake of the last of us was whispering. And it was several tracks and sources that suggested to us that the address would see the light of day very soon.

Today, as part of summer fest gamehe is obedient dog Who came to close the event, not without much to announce. First of all, if it comes to the series that will be appearing on HBO, the other big part of this clip has been an evocation of the multiplayer game being developed by the American studio.

If there is no doubt about explaining this popular faction-style descent with gameplay, then the simple image (the one below) will serve as the fulcrum of Neil Druckman’s argument ensuring that this indie multiplayer will be a content beast that will also leave room for an important narrative. But to find out more, we will have to wait until 2023.

But undoubtedly, the bulk of the appearance of the co-chairman of Naughty Dog is the formalization of Our last part one. Remaking the first opus that already benefited at the time from a redesigned handling, this version has been reworked from scratch to deliver trustworthy performances. PS5 but also the computer. Since there is also important information, the first part of The Last of Us will also land on this medium that has become so dear to Sony.

And so, starting September 2 and a little later on PC (an official date not yet set), it’s time to discover the foundations of Joel and Ellie’s journey into the world of the last of us. And if we can ask ourselves the question of interest in such an approach after the PS4 rework, we must admit that the work done by the Naughty Dog teams puts it on display that can only conjure up a sequel. And the walk will be even more fun as on the sidelines of this visual overhaul, Naughty Dog has updated its title gear which will obviously come out accompanied by the extension behind him :

“We’ve updated the gameplay, improved the controls, and added accessibility options to this single-player experience so that more people can enjoy it. Effects, exploration and combat have also been improved. We’re harnessing the full power of PS5 with 3D audio and feedback. Tactile and Adaptive Triggers. Fans old and newcomers alike will have the opportunity to experience or rediscover the first part of The Last of Us and its preludes, Left Behind, in a whole new way.”

It remains to be seen if this ad will do affect the output God of War: Ragnarok As rumors predicted…

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