The Last of Us Part 1 promises to be even more in-depth with PS5

The Last of Us Part 1 promises to be even more in-depth with PS5

Naughty Dog shares a new mocap action video for The Last of Us Remake. And the technical gap between the PS3 and PS5 promises to make some scenes more in-depth than ever.

Of course we can’t really advise you not to continue reading this article if you want to keep the surprise for a while, as long as Naughty Dog is generous with giving many previews From the final presentation The Last of Us Remake.

whatever, The Californian company seems proud of its mocapwho apparently benefited from ps5 power To view Cutting scenes is more impressive than in the past It was reformulated for this occasion.

Since then (shooting the first episode on PS4, editor’s note) our technology has evolved a lot, especially in regards to the sincerity of faces, allowing for a lot of performance nuances (for actors Joel and Ellie). […] And it hits you on a subconscious level which makes the scene even more impactful, and feels like an overall immersive experience.

obedient dog invites you to Pre-order The Last of Us Part 1 get benefit from Many rewards.

All this to remember that The Last of Us Part 1 take it out September 2 on PS5 And that it is also planned on PC, without further details about it.

As a bonus, and to bring back memories, here’s the motion capture action that laid the foundations for The original authorship dating back to 2013, on PS3.

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