The Kremlin's advice to Zelensky, who sees the situation “getting worse” for him – La Nouvelle Tribune

The Kremlin's advice to Zelensky, who sees the situation “getting worse” for him – La Nouvelle Tribune

In the face of protracted conflict and increasing international tension, the Russia He renews his invitation toUkraine To review its strategic position. Russian President Vladimir Putin He proposed a ceasefire, accompanied by specific conditions: the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from four regions partially occupied by Moscow and the abandonment of Ukraine's aspirations to join the European Union.NATO. This proposal, presented last Friday, was categorically rejected by Ukraine as well as by the European Union United State and NATO, considering it an insult to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Kremlin's reaction was not long in coming. Dmitry PeskovThe Kremlin spokesman explained on Sunday that the military situation on the Ukrainian front “ It was getting worse »Hinting that Ukraine should seriously consider the Russian offer. Peskov stressed that this is not the case. Warning“, but a “The peace initiative adapts to the reality on the ground”. He implied that any leader truly loyal to his country would respond to this proposal for the good of his people.

These exchanges are taking place in the context of a summit, organized in Switzerland at the initiative of Ukraine, aimed at uniting the international community around a negotiation strategy with Russia. This summit seeks to establish a common front, although the absence of China and other key players highlights the difficulties in reaching consensus.

The stakes are high, because alongside the fighting, there is a war of wills and principles taking place. Ukraine, supported by many Western countries, insists that Russian demands are unacceptable and undermine basic principles of international law.

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This deaf dialogue does not bode well for the immediate future of the region. If these proposals are formally intended to end hostilities, they also reveal a Russian strategy aimed at legitimizing its territorial gains while at the same time weakening Ukraine militarily and politically. International pressure could intensify, but without the participation of all key players, the chances of a lasting solution remain uncertain.

The outcome of this confrontation will have profound repercussions, not only for Ukraine and Russia, but also for European geopolitics as a whole. The ability of states to come together to defend principles of sovereignty may determine the course of future international crises. Therefore, the next few days will be decisive, both on the battlefield and in the international diplomatic arenas.

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