The Journey: The Inspiring Story by Alan Peter

The Journey: The Inspiring Story by Alan Peter

Alan Peter, 23, will fulfill his dream of working for NASA. Since childhood, Alan dreamed of space. However, his teachers quickly reminded him that it was a “very selective and closed” sector. These words frightened the 17-year-old and pushed him to study management and business administration. Alan quickly realized that this field was not for him. He reoriented himself and took the competitive examination to enter the Faculty of Engineering.

During his studies, he completed a work-study program at Ariane Group, a leading European rocket launcher. “My father did not have the financial means to help me. I wanted to finance my studies myself,” he told Le Parisien newspaper. After that, he had the opportunity to go to Florida to train in an astrophysics laboratory. Once in the United States, he decided to try his luck at Through contact with a NASA researcher, this initiative allowed him to obtain an interview, which he succeeded.

Next January, the young, qualified aerospace engineer will join JPL and work on future NASA missions. “The message I want to convey is that opportunities do not always come to us directly, we have to create them,” he said.

As Midi Libre explains, Emmanuel Macron was greatly affected by this trip. The president sent a message to the young man on LinkedIn: “Bravo for this journey and this perseverance. You are an example of French success, and proof that you must believe in your dreams and that our great schools lead to excellence.

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