The Jewish community of Porto submits a complaint to the European Prosecutor’s Office

Allegations of false accusations undermined the citizenship law to ensure There is no more Patrick Dreys » to Portugal

In an angry 131-page document that quoted “important figures from the (Portuguese) government”, Parliament and the media, The beleaguered Jewish community in Porto He submitted a complaint to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) entitled ” The first major anti-Semitic conspiracy of the twenty-first century ».

Society struggles against stigma door opening process An investigation into the alleged use of the 2015 Nationality Law to “welcome back” Portuguese Sephardic Jews who were persecuted during the Inquisition.

The law is potentially “corrupt” to allow many wealthy people to obtain EU citizenship when they are not eligible. At least this is the conclusion to the endless stories in the press since the beginning of the year.

The door opening process has begun With claims about the speed – and lack of convincing evidence – behind the granting of Portuguese citizenship to the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich..

Where All sorts of “big names” appeared. – Including the president of Altice Telecom Patrick Drahi (Altice is the parent company of the Portuguese telecom giant MEO) – while decisions to “tighten” the criteria for granting Portuguese citizenship to so-called Sephardic Jews were approved.

According to the Porto community, a New layout which entered into force on 1 September. to me Make it impossible for candidates to meet the requirements of the law ».

Descendants must now present certificates proving the inheritance of real estate in Portugal, which is “logically impossible” because Sephardic Jews had their property confiscated centuries ago.

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Specifically, the Jewish community of Porto points out that all the outrage was orchestrated to cover up a campaign to remove Patrick Drahi from his leadership of the Middle East Organization and replace him with a “non-Jewish fund” of “prominent Portuguese”…

This is where the complaint heads into such an unusual area that the World Jewish Congress enters.

Closed article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on the Internet Newspaper claims that Congress is accusing the Jewish community in Porto embracing false conspiracy theories.

In a social media post, Congress wrote: Anti-Semitism is too serious a matter to be underestimated or abused. Adoption of false conspiracy theories falls into this category and should be categorically rejected as a tactic.”.

And so the hype around this 131-page complaint was put into perspective.

How EPPO is taken is unlikely to have any bearing on the attorney general’s case here.

In addition to naming various political figures, the complaint attacks the Judicial Police of the Justice and Development Party, accusing them of “night-time robberies from law offices and private homes”; “Invading” the home of the vice president of the community, Isabel Ferreira-López (who had to “run to the toilet”), and for denying the rabbi arrested for his role in the alleged corruption of the 2015 law on access to kosher food…

Suffice it to say that the Jewish News Syndicate accepts that while the EU Prosecutor cannot investigate allegations of anti-Semitism, he “can investigate fraud and corruption in the case of EU funds”.

“The Porto’s Jewish community hopes that the European Prosecutor’s Office will investigate possible financial irregularities,” concludes the website, which ironically forms an integral part of the Open Door process file.

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