The Hypocrisy of Gabriel Nadeau Dubois JDM

Have you seen what Gabriel Nadeau Dubois wrote on Twitter about the protests in Iran?

“Iranians are fighting for the right to dignity,” he said.

No, Mister Nadu Dubois.

Iranian women (because primarily women are rising up in Iran, it is strange that a feminist like you does not refer to this) are not fighting for their “right to dignity”.

They fight the veil, which is the symbol of the regime that oppresses them.

Come and repeat after me: “Iranian women fight the veil.”

Because she wore her hijab poorly, Mahsa Amini, 22, was murdered by Iran’s morality police.

Not because she was demonstrating for her “dignity”.

Strike around the bush

When a black man is murdered by a white policeman, left-wing activists like GND don’t utter the words.

They say: A man was killed because of the color of his skin.

They call a spade a spade.

It’s racist, period.

Dirty racism. A murderous ideology invented and fueled by evil colonial capitalism.

But when a 22-year-old Muslim woman was murdered by an Islamic regime for poorly wearing her hijab, all of a sudden, Quebec Solidere activists were walking on egg shells, wearing white gloves that went to their shoulders.

The young woman was not the victim of a misogynistic and misogynistic regime that uses the veil as a symbol and as a flag, no woooooooow.

She was killed by a regime that “harmed her dignity”.

The art of beating around the bush is not for naming things.

It’s like saying that the Jews were gassed by a “regime that violates their dignity.”

Why do you reject the word “Nazi”? I will ask, for good reason.

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Similarly, why does Gabriel Nadeau Dubois refuse to use the word “Islamic”?

Because it contains the word Islam?

Why is he not talking about the veil?

Because his party is very proud to present veiled women candidates?

Because, for Quebec Solidere, the veil is not a symbol of women’s oppression, but a symbol of openness, diversity and calm?

And that what is happening now in Iran shows how stupid this talk is?

What a lack of courage

Do you remember the old test no yes no no ?

It was broadcast on Radio Canada in the 1960s.

The host (actor Gilles Pelletier) asked the participants questions and they did not have to answer yes or no.

Well, when I hear GND about what’s happening in Iran, I feel like he’s taking part in a quiz called No Veil No Islamism.

What was Mahsa Amini wearing on her head when she was arrested by the Arts Squad?

– Cloth.

– What is the ideology of the existing regime in Iran?

– Insult. An ideology that stifles the dignity of its citizens, men and women. »

But what hypocrisy.

What a cowardice, what a lack of courage.

She calls herself a feminist. and united.

Yes, something.

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